Thursday, 29 November 2012

                           REFLECTION ON GUEST LECTURE
         In Bio-Diversity, I learned that sparrows and frogs are few because we are cutting trees. Birds come and sit on electrical wires and sometimes they get shocked and they die, so I have learned that we should not cut trees. If we cut trees, we should plant a new tree. Frogs are getting fewer in the world because of dirty ponds and if there are no frogs in the pond that means the pond is bad. If there are frogs in the pond, that means that pond is good.
                There is a programme of Bio-Diversity in that we should find pictures of animals. The pictures should be clear and near and there is website to use called . We have to find the longitude and the longitude. I am sure I can find a good picture and win the prize,but for that I should have to find a picture!
- Leesha  6 K

   Ms. Yasmin has inspired me to contribute to a biodiversity program,<>  . She came as a guest speaker to speak about outreach programs and mainly about Bio - diversity and alien species.
There are 3 most preferred and used definitions of Bio – diversity which are:

[*]     Life on Earth

[*]     Measure of Health

[*]     Varieties of Life Forms
   To help the bio-diversity programme, Project Noah, I will help take pictures to let them know where there are specified animals/birds and we should inform the latitude and longitude so the people in Project Noah can find it. I might enroll into a bio – diversity programme during the vacation. Many animals are getting extinct, such as sparrows and frogs.  Ms. Yasmin also said that if your photo is chosen, then the academy will frame it and hang it on a wall of the academy.
  - ­­­­­Tushita 6 K

                                                                  BIO-DIVERSITY In our first guest lecture of the new unit “Organizations” we had Miss Yasmin in our class to explain to us about outreach activities and bio diversity. She gave us details about bio-diversity which I found very interesting. She helped us to know about how we can participate in the programme of bio-diversity. She told that many animals and birds are becoming fewer, such as frogs and sparrows.
           She explained that to participate in the programme we can click photographs of animals, birds, insects in the academy and in the area of Ranga Reddy District and to find the latitude and longitude. Then we have to research about our picture and if the picture is really good that photo will be framed and put on a wall of the academy. We can find latitude and longitude on a website named<>.
I will surely try to find a good picture and help in the bio-diversity programme!

  6 K

    The Guest Lecture by Ms.Yasmin from the senior academy was very interesting as we got to know many facts about Bio-Diversity that we did not know. She mainly told us about Bio-Diversity and what we can do to save it. She also told us about the upcoming competition of taking pictures of rare animals, birds, trees, or shrubs and submit them. Then, if the Bio-Diversity Department likes it, they may frame it and put it on the school walls. She also showed us some pictures of birds.
     I think I am going to search for some interesting species of nature near my home or community. The lecture was fun as we got to know more about Bio-Diversity.
Dhiraj-6 K

The Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad’s Initiative-Bio Diversity project for students
                       Bio-Diversity is to preserve our nature. The proper definition of Bio-diversity would                                                       be Bio-diversity is a measure of the health of the ecosystems’.
Steps to preserve our nature:-
1.      Less use of plastic.
2.      To not throw litter on roads or in any open area.
3.      Grow more plants.
4.      Use the waste water for the plants.
                I will start bringing camera to school , if I see something special or rare, I can take pictures of it. I will take pictures of plants and animals which are not found in Hyderabad but found in The Ranga Reddy district and the pictures will show that due to Hyderabad’s pollution it has lost its all species.

Aayan 6 K

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Guest lecture by Mrs. Yasmin Lodi
Mrs. Yasmin, the outreach head of the Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad conducted a guest lecture for the sixth graders on Tuesday 27 November, 2012 between 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. The main idea of this guest lecture was to know the various programmes that are conducted by the outreach wing of the Aga Khan Academy which is a non-profit organisation.

 Mrs. Yasmin used a power point presentation to give us information about AKDN. Students asked many questions that were related to the topic. She also had a discussion about the progress of the Aga Khan Academies

The project of bio-diversity is very interesting as students have to submit the pictures of different species of animals that are found in the locality and submit the pictures with information. The best and selected picture with the information will get the credit to be published on the school website and will be sent to different schools in the twin cities; it will also be hung on the Academy wall and give a frame to the student who clicked the picture.

This session was very informative as I got to know the AKDN work as an NGO.

6 A