Sunday, 3 February 2013

My thinking about the unit-Explorations

I think that when we read a book it will make it easy to make connections and picturize the story. When we want to explore something we need to use our thinking skills. Getting and sharing ideas is very important as it improves our schema by exploring new things and it develops our understandings. There are cases where we have to be independent but working cooperatively can improve our grouping strategies. To learn or explore something new, we need to be open- minded and communicators to express ideas and appreciate others. 
                              -Alisha.S,6 A

Dear Diary,                            6:30 pm,Feb,1,2013                      

     Yesterday was Thursday, the day of fulfilment. The assembly was started by a beautiful teacher who had discussed about the national places in some countries and the assembly was very informative and interesting. Next, we went in our classes and read the 18th and 19th chapter of the book ‘The Tale Of Despereaux.’ We had done an activity after reading the book and the task was to pick up a card, do the activity and then share it with the group. This activity was very motivating. Grade six also had music where grade six A was dealing with keyboard and the activity of bars and notes was very good as we enjoyed a lot.
    At last, we had sports where we had to go to the new soccer ground and it was very small. Grade six had enjoyed a lot and I had a lot of fun today. I am very curious to know what will happen tomorrow.
                                               -Alisha.S, 6 A

One of the best summary of my novel study ‘The Tale of Despereaux’

Despereaux went to the queen’s palace and he listened the melodious music played by the king who was playing his guitar. In the court, he saw a beautiful lady with dashing looks and lovely smiles. She was none other than the princess. On seeing her, Despereaux’s heart started singing songs of love. The princess looked at Despereaux and smiled. Despereaux also smiled back. He was in love with the princess. Despereaux went to his father and told him about this incident.   
-Alisha.S 6 A

Interesting project

On our on-going unit we have to choose our own topic for exploration between land and space exploration some of them choose land and some of them choose space exploration. On that choose we have to make project that was the chart and tell that what are the exploration on that land and who founded it. In space we have to draw timelines for the explorations. I have lot of interest in making this project. I hope my friends also have the same felling I have.
-Anshika 6 A

Friday, 1 February 2013

                  Once upon a time there was a boy named Sahil, he was very kind and caring. He used to help everybody in their work, But one day, while he  was playing in the garden, he saw a rabbit and  ran behind the it. Sahil came inside a deep forest and he forgot the way to go home. He started crying, he said to himself,” if I keep crying, nothing will happen, I  need to do something”, then he started to find his way back home and he found a cave which was very dark. Sahil was very afraid of darkness. He started reciting God’s name and went inside the cave there he saw an old broken box.
                Sahil thought that it was a treasure box, he went slowly towards the box and opened it. He saw an old mat with a paper. Sahil thought that it was a simple mat but when he read  the instructions he was “Amazed” and he started to jump happily. It was a “Magical mat” which could fly up in the sky. He took that mat and ordered it to take him back home. Sahil finally reached home and told his parents about his adventurous day. Suddenly, Sahil woke up he got to know that it was just an adventurous dream not reality.
                                                                                                        Written by – Shaizan Pirani
                                                                                                        Grade- 6th A