Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Tuning in activity – sharing personal experiences by students  about their explorations.
I am amazed after listening the experiences of students and I am very influenced by their presentations. I have explored new things from this presentation which was like a finding a treasure for me. I want to visit every place which has its beautiful and glowing glory. This activity was very informative and motivating as I explored new things from this presentation.

6 A  

My reflection
Today I had a good day and enjoyed, I had enjoyed the UOI period and math period and we played a match with Grade5 in break time we had scored one goal and we decided to continue the match in lunch. And lunch we have scored five Goals. And I was interested in, Alisha’s presentation that she went to Goa and had different experiences. And I was also interested in Eeshaan’s and Anik’s presentations that Eeshaan went to Namibia and explained us that there are so many different kinds of animals and there is a game called Ethosha, it’s about animals, and he also said that Namibia is a very big country than India. 
Anik had said that he went to Jammu and Kashmir and enjoyed. When he is going to Jammu and Kashmir he stopped for a while and went in TaJMahal and went inside it. And he said that in way to go to Jammu and Kashmir there is full of snow and we can see the the mount Everest and also the way to go to Jammu and Kashmir is little dangerous because the left side of the way is filled of rocks and the right side is free without any wall and it is very much high like 200feet and if you are about to fall down before falling down only we may die.

6 A


Today the students of Grade 6A students had an activity where Alisha Kotadiya, Anik Ratnani and Eeshaan Dharani told the students about their explorations.
Goa is connected to Walvis Bay in Namibia, Africa. There are beautiful hotels and joyful beaches where kids laugh and teens ride their bikes and boards. Here people laugh when waves crash into them.
I thought Jammu and Kashmir have so much snow you would not even see a blade of grass nor a leaf. Now I know that there is greenary there too.

Eeshann Dharani
6 A

The connecting knowledge

In grade-6A there were presentations on self-experiences and the places my classmates explored are Goa, Jammu and Kashmir and Namibia .In  this session I remembered when I was in Assam, I felt relax, peaceful and fresh as there was greenery all around my house. This was directly connected to our current unit  Explorations.
                                                                               -Anshika ,6

Monday, 28 January 2013

Treasure hunt activity

 Today, the Grade six students did an activity called the treasure hunt activity in the campus. We had to find clues in the PYP building and find the treasure.
It was directly connected to our topic which is explorations. We used our thinking  and research skills and we were committed with our work. We learnt how to explore new things, and how to make quick decisions.
This was a clear reflection of our understanding.

                                                                         BY: ZIA – 6A