Saturday, 23 March 2013

Field trip report- Tata company Tele services

Grade 6 visited the Tata Tele services company in Maheshwaram Mandal near Shamshabad, on 21st march, 2013 form 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. The main idea of this field trip was to learn more about the technological advancements used by the company.
Firstly, students went and saw the WTF [water treatment plant]; next we all visited the reverse osmosis plant. Students inquired more about the company and technology.
It is very interesting as the water is purified and people get clean water to drink.
Mrs. Sheila, an employer of the company gave us brief information about the history of company and she was very happy as we inquired more about the technological advancements.
The members of the company welcomed us in a very formal way. It was a surprise as the company provided us with a delicious snack and I really liked the facilities and the environment of the company.
This field trip was very informative as have learnt a lot about the different Eco friendly technological use and its impact created on the society.

- Alisha Surani
6th A  

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Field Trip to Tata Teleservices, Hyderabad

                                          The students of Grade six of the Aga Khan academy Hyderabad went for a field trip to the Tata Tele – Services, Hyderabad.
                                        Mrs. Sheela, who worked in Tata Teleservices for ten years, addressed us about the technology that they have been using and the different types of technological advances that they are making recently.
                                     Mr. Williams, the manager of food Maintenance and building maintenance, informed us about their successful project NANO, their cheapest price car and high quality and its next project is on airlines.  He explained the functioning of Rivers osmoses and machineries and showed us Sewage treatment plant, solar lamps and rain water harvesting pit.
                              It was a very informative field trip to know about Tata services and its developed technology used to save the environment. It is using modern technologies for the betterment of the world.

                                                                            Zia 6A

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mind mapping ideas

Students of Grade 6 A brainstormed on the different ways technology impacts the world. They came up with ideas that technology is to make life easy and comfortable.Some of the studnets disagreed as they thought that over and indiscrimate use of technology can ruin the society as well.

They decided an area of interest and worked in pairs to put down their ideas on the impact of technology on society using mindmaps.

Grade 6 A

Monday, 18 March 2013

Writing workshop

Students of Grade 6 had a workshop on persuasive writing by Mr.James, Literature expert of the Aga Khan Academy.

He started the session with his introduction and asked students the different ways of communication and the importance of writing. Later he asked the students what they feel about their written skills on a continuum of 1-10, 1 being the low and 10 being the high.

The students were paired up according to their comfort and were asked to write their understanding about the word "PERSUADE" on a post it note.

Later he introduced the elements of persuasive writing through an article and asked the students about the interesting aspects of the article. Based on the feedback of the students he explained the guidelines of persuasive writing.

Students decided their topics in pairs and worked on the graphic organizer to collate points and later build up the article.

The whole session was very interesting as he used the prior knowledge, the schema of the students and extended the session. The students understood the technique very well as they were enjoying their writing and playing with words to come up with an attention grabbing article.

Grade 6

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Central idea:Advanced and emerging technology has an impact on society
Task: Choose a technological gadget and find the time line, use the software Kidspiration to create your time lines.
Learning objective: Students will  identify different forms of technology and understand how technology has evolved over time.
Skill:Research skill
AKA Strands: Economics for development


Our current unit is on Technology. We started this unit on Monday. Past few days we did many activities such as we went for a tour to our Junior Academy and to Senior School Library. Then we wrote what are the advanced technologies used in that place. After that we unpack our central idea. On Thursday our class teachers Miss. Safura gave us newspaper and we cut articles and photos related to our ongoing unit. After that we make collage with the pictures which we cut. Then Miss gave us article we gave to read that and write what technology they talking about. I think, this unit will be interesting unit and there will be many activities. -

Anshika 6 ‘A’

My favorite Technology gadget is an iPad. An iPad can do anything and it’s much better than a laptop. iPad is a nice technological tool because we can play games and also surf around the internet at the same time. I like using the iPad because it’s lighter than a laptop and better then it too!
iPad 2 is my favorite. When I have important work on the internet, instead of opening my laptop, I can open my iPad in seconds. Apps are also very interesting in the iPad.  A store called the App Store lets us download apps we want or need. It’s helpful because I can multi-task by play, surf, and chat. In this generation of Technology, I think iPad is the best thing to use for social and entertainment needs. iPad is very useful because we can use it for almost anything!

Here are some facts about the iPad…

 iPad is a product from Apple.
It comes in 2 colors, black and white.
Steve Jobs invented the iPad, (along with the company, Apple). 
iPad mini and iPad 3 just came out.
iPad’s screen protectors come in various colors.

Alisha Kareem,6 K 

Why I like Ipad
      I like Ipad the best of all technological devices. I like it so, because:
ü    It is a better and quicker source to find information- If you want to find information, it would take time to open your laptop or computer and then doing all the research. With Ipad, it would only take a second to open.

ü    The app store- In Ipad there is an application called app store. In app store, you can find anything you want. You can find books, movies, games, news channels, etc., which you can install for free.

       ü    Easy to carry- Ipad is really easy to carry around.       You can just pop it into your bag and go where ever you wish to.              
     Tushita Reddy,6 K

          We have started our 5th unit, which is named Technology. Technology is very helpful in our daily lives and makes our work much easier. In this advanced world, we are getting new machines and wonderful gadgets. Many people all around the globe are working on some or the other device to reduce human effort. Technology is a great advantage for all of us. We use technology everywhere. Even small kids are using technology in their everyday life.
        Currently, technology is used almost everywhere, in schools, at work and even when we are at our homes. We use laptops, computers in school and even at work. At our homes technology is used as television, laptops, cell phones, music players and much more. The list of gadgets used by us goes on. As we use technology to help ourselves, we can also use it in a wrong way. Many people use technology in such a way which is not good. They use it to hurt people, and hack accounts. My advice for everyone is that whatever happens we must use technology in a hood way and not use it for incorrect things. Technology is good and its better if we use it in a way from which no one is hurt.

Shaviya Arya,6 K

                   My Favorite Gadget 
          My favorite gadget is iPad. It is a product of Apple company. It is very useful as we can play games, surf on the internet and get some emails. I like it a lot. There are 4 types of iPad: 1,2,3,4. iPad 1 is fat in thickness, 2 is thin, but it has no clarity, 3 is more clear and it has ios.6 and ios.6.1. This software is very useful as we can have more apps. Then comes iPad 4. It has more functions and it has an iPhone 5 charger and it is more advanced. I don’t know much about.

          Some functions about iPad:
*   App store:- App store is something where we can buy and download. There are some apps which are very expensive and there are some apps which are free. We can download games. It is very useful to us.
*   iTunes:- iTunes is an app where we can download songs, videos, movies, etc. There is one problem that whatever we want to download costs something and there are no free things in it.
*   iBooks:- iBooks is an app where we can buy books and magazines. We can get any book and any magazine we want and they have a stock of every book in the world.
These were only some apps, but there are more apps.

Leesha Agarwal,6 K 

    Technology is everywhere all around the world. Meanwhile, our unit is based on TECHNOLOGY. I belief that technology is everywhere all around us but nothing is perfect not a person, not a tool or a gadget. I know that technology is very helpful to the people, at the same time I thing somewhere it makes the people lazy. Mainly technology is used as electric gadgets. I want to share some advantage and also some disadvantage about technology.
       I would like to start with disadvantages. While we used electric gadgets we actually waste water because electricity is made from water. If we use car, truck and all the vehicle leaving bicycle, bull cart waste petrol, diesel which very less in the earth and also we faced lots of difficulties. Electrical gadgets like laptops people can used is useful way and also in wrong way it is all depend on people perspective on using the high quality technology. These were some disadvantages about the technology.
       Now I am going to share some advantage about the technology. Technology makes our life easy. If we have a laptop we can have the whole world in our hand. We can see or research everything that we want. We use technology every second these days we actually can’t live without the technology. I just want to tell you that please use the technology in the right way.

Muskan,6 K

My favorite gadget
         We have started our new unit that is technology. It is our 5th unit. We have got a project on writing our favorite technology. My favorite technology is Apple iTouch. In the Apple iTouch, we can play games, listen to songs, watch movies, browse internet and do many more activities.
In the Apple iTouch, we can do whatever we want. I like this gadget because it is small and we can carry it everywhere. It is like a mobile phone. We can’t talk, but there are some apps in which we can talk. The apps need internet connection to connect.
In the apps store, we can download any games we want and we can download many movies. Now the Apple iTouch’s rate has been increased as many people are buying it. I bought my iTouch from Hong Kong.  

Akshat, 6 K 

My favorite technology
We have started a new unit that is technology. It is our 5th unit. My favorite technology is a robot. I haven’t used it, but I want to use it. In technology, we are going to learn about robots. This is also included in the third line of inquiry.
The line of inquiry is application of robotics and artificial intelligence. Robots are very helpful in our lives. They are many types of robots, such as working robots, playing robots, etc.  They are also going to come a guest speaker who is going to tell about robots.
When I am older, my house will be full of robots. They will work, they will play, they will cook, etc. I am thinking that I can be a robot engineer. This is my favorite technology.

6 K 

My favorite gadget
       My favorite gadget is an iPod. I like this gadget a lot; because whenever I am bored with all my leisure activities, then I switch on my iPod and start listening to songs. It is a lot of fun listening to songs.
I also like many other gadgets and, especially, a robot. Our unit is based on technology and we maybe having a guest lecture on robotics. If we are going to have a guest lecture, that would be the best thing in my learning, because I would get a deeper knowledge about the robots.
I love our unit and I am really excited to know about the robots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 K

My favorite gadget
          My favorite technological gadget is Xbox 360. It is my favorite as I love video games and it is a video game. It has very high graphics and we can also log in to it by a Microsoft account. With our Microsoft account, we can get free games from the Xbox store with ‘Microsoft Points’.
There are a lot of games in it, such as Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto and more. We can play them by connecting it to a TV. We also can play using a motion-sensing console called Kinect. In Kinect, we just move any part of our body and the game character will also move the part of the body which we moved.

6 K

My favorite gadget
My favorite gadget is PSP. PSP is a gadget for playing. We can play games, see images, movies, videos and we can also listen to songs in the PSP. We have to put UMD of games and we can take the images, etc. in the memory card. We can also connect a Wi-Fi and open Google, Facebook, etc.
There a lot of games we can play in the PSP such as GTA’s whole series, NFS’s series, fifa, God of War and many more. There are many apps in the PSP.

6 K

Sunday, 3 February 2013

My thinking about the unit-Explorations

I think that when we read a book it will make it easy to make connections and picturize the story. When we want to explore something we need to use our thinking skills. Getting and sharing ideas is very important as it improves our schema by exploring new things and it develops our understandings. There are cases where we have to be independent but working cooperatively can improve our grouping strategies. To learn or explore something new, we need to be open- minded and communicators to express ideas and appreciate others. 
                              -Alisha.S,6 A

Dear Diary,                            6:30 pm,Feb,1,2013                      

     Yesterday was Thursday, the day of fulfilment. The assembly was started by a beautiful teacher who had discussed about the national places in some countries and the assembly was very informative and interesting. Next, we went in our classes and read the 18th and 19th chapter of the book ‘The Tale Of Despereaux.’ We had done an activity after reading the book and the task was to pick up a card, do the activity and then share it with the group. This activity was very motivating. Grade six also had music where grade six A was dealing with keyboard and the activity of bars and notes was very good as we enjoyed a lot.
    At last, we had sports where we had to go to the new soccer ground and it was very small. Grade six had enjoyed a lot and I had a lot of fun today. I am very curious to know what will happen tomorrow.
                                               -Alisha.S, 6 A

One of the best summary of my novel study ‘The Tale of Despereaux’

Despereaux went to the queen’s palace and he listened the melodious music played by the king who was playing his guitar. In the court, he saw a beautiful lady with dashing looks and lovely smiles. She was none other than the princess. On seeing her, Despereaux’s heart started singing songs of love. The princess looked at Despereaux and smiled. Despereaux also smiled back. He was in love with the princess. Despereaux went to his father and told him about this incident.   
-Alisha.S 6 A

Interesting project

On our on-going unit we have to choose our own topic for exploration between land and space exploration some of them choose land and some of them choose space exploration. On that choose we have to make project that was the chart and tell that what are the exploration on that land and who founded it. In space we have to draw timelines for the explorations. I have lot of interest in making this project. I hope my friends also have the same felling I have.
-Anshika 6 A

Friday, 1 February 2013

                  Once upon a time there was a boy named Sahil, he was very kind and caring. He used to help everybody in their work, But one day, while he  was playing in the garden, he saw a rabbit and  ran behind the it. Sahil came inside a deep forest and he forgot the way to go home. He started crying, he said to himself,” if I keep crying, nothing will happen, I  need to do something”, then he started to find his way back home and he found a cave which was very dark. Sahil was very afraid of darkness. He started reciting God’s name and went inside the cave there he saw an old broken box.
                Sahil thought that it was a treasure box, he went slowly towards the box and opened it. He saw an old mat with a paper. Sahil thought that it was a simple mat but when he read  the instructions he was “Amazed” and he started to jump happily. It was a “Magical mat” which could fly up in the sky. He took that mat and ordered it to take him back home. Sahil finally reached home and told his parents about his adventurous day. Suddenly, Sahil woke up he got to know that it was just an adventurous dream not reality.
                                                                                                        Written by – Shaizan Pirani
                                                                                                        Grade- 6th A

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Tuning in activity – sharing personal experiences by students  about their explorations.
I am amazed after listening the experiences of students and I am very influenced by their presentations. I have explored new things from this presentation which was like a finding a treasure for me. I want to visit every place which has its beautiful and glowing glory. This activity was very informative and motivating as I explored new things from this presentation.

6 A  

My reflection
Today I had a good day and enjoyed, I had enjoyed the UOI period and math period and we played a match with Grade5 in break time we had scored one goal and we decided to continue the match in lunch. And lunch we have scored five Goals. And I was interested in, Alisha’s presentation that she went to Goa and had different experiences. And I was also interested in Eeshaan’s and Anik’s presentations that Eeshaan went to Namibia and explained us that there are so many different kinds of animals and there is a game called Ethosha, it’s about animals, and he also said that Namibia is a very big country than India. 
Anik had said that he went to Jammu and Kashmir and enjoyed. When he is going to Jammu and Kashmir he stopped for a while and went in TaJMahal and went inside it. And he said that in way to go to Jammu and Kashmir there is full of snow and we can see the the mount Everest and also the way to go to Jammu and Kashmir is little dangerous because the left side of the way is filled of rocks and the right side is free without any wall and it is very much high like 200feet and if you are about to fall down before falling down only we may die.

6 A


Today the students of Grade 6A students had an activity where Alisha Kotadiya, Anik Ratnani and Eeshaan Dharani told the students about their explorations.
Goa is connected to Walvis Bay in Namibia, Africa. There are beautiful hotels and joyful beaches where kids laugh and teens ride their bikes and boards. Here people laugh when waves crash into them.
I thought Jammu and Kashmir have so much snow you would not even see a blade of grass nor a leaf. Now I know that there is greenary there too.

Eeshann Dharani
6 A

The connecting knowledge

In grade-6A there were presentations on self-experiences and the places my classmates explored are Goa, Jammu and Kashmir and Namibia .In  this session I remembered when I was in Assam, I felt relax, peaceful and fresh as there was greenery all around my house. This was directly connected to our current unit  Explorations.
                                                                               -Anshika ,6

Monday, 28 January 2013

Treasure hunt activity

 Today, the Grade six students did an activity called the treasure hunt activity in the campus. We had to find clues in the PYP building and find the treasure.
It was directly connected to our topic which is explorations. We used our thinking  and research skills and we were committed with our work. We learnt how to explore new things, and how to make quick decisions.
This was a clear reflection of our understanding.

                                                                         BY: ZIA – 6A