Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Why do we Celebrate Christmas?
Christmas, the 25/12 is celebrated as it is Jesus  Christ’s birthday. It is celebrated by all religions. I personally will be celebrating Christmas at my grandpa’s place in Grootfontein, Namibia , Africa.
To tell you more about Christmas I created a short poem on it. I call it ‘That, is a Lovely Christmas’  

Today brightly coloured wrappers are torn,
and smiles appear one every ones faces.
Dishes are served In all places.
Welcoming Lord Jesus’ birthday.
I feel  happy ,
I feel jolly,
today santa will come,
taking along his fat tum,
carrying a sack of wonders.
The church bells will ring,
everyone will sing.
That, is a lovely Christmas.

Eeshaan,6 A

Thursday, 29 November 2012

                           REFLECTION ON GUEST LECTURE
         In Bio-Diversity, I learned that sparrows and frogs are few because we are cutting trees. Birds come and sit on electrical wires and sometimes they get shocked and they die, so I have learned that we should not cut trees. If we cut trees, we should plant a new tree. Frogs are getting fewer in the world because of dirty ponds and if there are no frogs in the pond that means the pond is bad. If there are frogs in the pond, that means that pond is good.
                There is a programme of Bio-Diversity in that we should find pictures of animals. The pictures should be clear and near and there is website to use called . We have to find the longitude and the longitude. I am sure I can find a good picture and win the prize,but for that I should have to find a picture!
- Leesha  6 K

   Ms. Yasmin has inspired me to contribute to a biodiversity program,<>  . She came as a guest speaker to speak about outreach programs and mainly about Bio - diversity and alien species.
There are 3 most preferred and used definitions of Bio – diversity which are:

[*]     Life on Earth

[*]     Measure of Health

[*]     Varieties of Life Forms
   To help the bio-diversity programme, Project Noah, I will help take pictures to let them know where there are specified animals/birds and we should inform the latitude and longitude so the people in Project Noah can find it. I might enroll into a bio – diversity programme during the vacation. Many animals are getting extinct, such as sparrows and frogs.  Ms. Yasmin also said that if your photo is chosen, then the academy will frame it and hang it on a wall of the academy.
  - ­­­­­Tushita 6 K

                                                                  BIO-DIVERSITY In our first guest lecture of the new unit “Organizations” we had Miss Yasmin in our class to explain to us about outreach activities and bio diversity. She gave us details about bio-diversity which I found very interesting. She helped us to know about how we can participate in the programme of bio-diversity. She told that many animals and birds are becoming fewer, such as frogs and sparrows.
           She explained that to participate in the programme we can click photographs of animals, birds, insects in the academy and in the area of Ranga Reddy District and to find the latitude and longitude. Then we have to research about our picture and if the picture is really good that photo will be framed and put on a wall of the academy. We can find latitude and longitude on a website named<>.
I will surely try to find a good picture and help in the bio-diversity programme!

  6 K

    The Guest Lecture by Ms.Yasmin from the senior academy was very interesting as we got to know many facts about Bio-Diversity that we did not know. She mainly told us about Bio-Diversity and what we can do to save it. She also told us about the upcoming competition of taking pictures of rare animals, birds, trees, or shrubs and submit them. Then, if the Bio-Diversity Department likes it, they may frame it and put it on the school walls. She also showed us some pictures of birds.
     I think I am going to search for some interesting species of nature near my home or community. The lecture was fun as we got to know more about Bio-Diversity.
Dhiraj-6 K

The Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad’s Initiative-Bio Diversity project for students
                       Bio-Diversity is to preserve our nature. The proper definition of Bio-diversity would                                                       be Bio-diversity is a measure of the health of the ecosystems’.
Steps to preserve our nature:-
1.      Less use of plastic.
2.      To not throw litter on roads or in any open area.
3.      Grow more plants.
4.      Use the waste water for the plants.
                I will start bringing camera to school , if I see something special or rare, I can take pictures of it. I will take pictures of plants and animals which are not found in Hyderabad but found in The Ranga Reddy district and the pictures will show that due to Hyderabad’s pollution it has lost its all species.

Aayan 6 K

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Guest lecture by Mrs. Yasmin Lodi
Mrs. Yasmin, the outreach head of the Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad conducted a guest lecture for the sixth graders on Tuesday 27 November, 2012 between 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. The main idea of this guest lecture was to know the various programmes that are conducted by the outreach wing of the Aga Khan Academy which is a non-profit organisation.

 Mrs. Yasmin used a power point presentation to give us information about AKDN. Students asked many questions that were related to the topic. She also had a discussion about the progress of the Aga Khan Academies

The project of bio-diversity is very interesting as students have to submit the pictures of different species of animals that are found in the locality and submit the pictures with information. The best and selected picture with the information will get the credit to be published on the school website and will be sent to different schools in the twin cities; it will also be hung on the Academy wall and give a frame to the student who clicked the picture.

This session was very informative as I got to know the AKDN work as an NGO.

6 A

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Changes in Us

Now I am in grade 6 and I accept the changes in me. As I am growing I am learning to be independent. Compared to class 5, I had been more open-minded and I am now trying to be a Leader. Since, I am growing,I am being responsible. I noticed that my height is increasing and as well as my weight. I think I have achieved about 50% of critical thinking and my learning skills are getting faster. I really accept that CHANGES are for  GOOD!
Zia 6 A

What, leadership means to me.

To be a leader you need to be a role model to others. You need to think critically  and to come up with good  ideas. To be a leader  you have to be confident and you have to care for others. You need to have all the attitudes, skills and learner profile attributes which the Aga Khan Academy promotes . You also need to be cooperative in working with others as team. A leader wants to make a difference.

Eeshan Dharani
6 A

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Games Period Soccer

Today during the games period Miss Vajravani made 3 children Team Captains which had to select their team members to play soccer. This is the first time we got to choose our team members and that was quite nice. My Team Captain was Samson. I think I will really enjoy playing soccer. We lost the match, but as they say, Failure is a step towards success. The game is new to me, I suppose it will be hard in the beginning, but hopefully with practice I’ll have the chance to win in the near future.

Eeshan Dharani

6 A

Bharat Bandh

Nowadays the cost of items is growing and thus some of the citizens of India held a strike today, 20th September, against the rising rates particularly of gas, diesel and petrol. The public’s behaviour is unethical because instead of strikes they could settle the matter in an organized way as this action is destructive to the general welfare of the country. The media presented this news in an ethical way because the news was balanced as it gave the opinions and thoughts of both the government and the public. It is not clear to me what role the government has in the occurrence of the problem. The government is dealing with the problem by stepping up security measures and explaining to the public that whatever is happening is mostly inevitable and should be dealt with in a more constructive way.

Eeshan Dharani
6 A

Wednesday, 19 September 2012




Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My reflections

Yesterday was Tuesday, the day of enjoyment. I led the school assembly and read the news to the students. It was an excellent start for the morning. I felt glad as got good comments from the teacher because I spoke very well in the assembly. I have used new vocabulary, spellings and there is an improvement in my language. I enjoyed all the activities done in the class today. I loved this day so much.
-        Alisha surani.

Diary writing

I was very happy yesterday when I was playing with my friends.  I also learnt about LCM and HCF and worked on my summative assessment. I have done a lot of painting in art and was thinking about the art work presentation. My topic is “ECO-FRIENDLY GANESHAS.” Today it is the first day of Ganesh chatturti.


Sunday, 16 September 2012


Media is a very good source or medium of communication. There are several types of media such as the internet, television, computer and many more. Print was invented in the 15th century, after that recording and many sources were invented.
Media is a very important source that helps people communicate and it also entertains people. By these sources we get information about the things happened in the world and we also get news in the newspapers. We can get the primary resource by the audio and video in television. All the sources give us a lot of knowledge and information.
Media affects others ideas in many ways. Like the television gives as the primary information with audio and video, but sometimes it also affects others eyes and sometimes we also get some wrong information. The main reason behind this is, people are not using media properly so we are getting disadvantages. Media influences others ideas by the types of media and we should use it in a maximum value.
The internet and TV affects people’s eyes and our eyes could be damaged, but they both are a very good primary source. Instead of using web or TV , we could use newspapers because it doesn’t affects our eyes and it gives people a lot of news, but we cannot see the audio or video.
Yellow pages are pages that have information about business purpose. It tells us the cell number of any company. Mobile phones are very good sources as people can clicking photos, send messages, and chat with others and many more things.
Art, language and music are also involved in media as they’re very important. Art helps the public to be creative and tells to do the work more attractive. As you all know in posters and many equipments  art in been done. Music is a performance that is done with the tune in a beat. The performance should be done in a beat and it should be catchy. Language should be perfect as in all the types’ music, language and art is used.
Media impacts the decision making and it also impacts the opinions of people. Media is very important in our lives. If media did not exist we could do nothing and we could not be great thinkers, inquirers and knowledgeable. Media is a life for people.

Alisha surani
6th a


MEDIA is also called as mass communication. Media helps us in many different ways. There are many types of media like: Internet, Bogging, you tube, newspaper, booklets, radio, TV. Media has negative and also positive influence. In every thing media is their. Many media uses electricity to work.

There are many advantages of media like if you don’t know how to do your homework so you can call to your friend and ask him about your homework. Media entertain us. If we are bored we can watch TV {television}, we could play games on computer. We could on radio and here songs.

1.     Internet: from it we can get unlimited information, and it gives us information on websites
2.   TV: help us to be entertained.
3.   Radio: help us to know about what is happening in our places/area, and it plays songs.
4.   Newspaper: help us to know about the world, and if we read newspaper so our vocabulary will also improve.
5.   Mobile phones: helps us to communicate with each other. 
Media influence us in negative ways also. It changes our way of thinking. Media can waste our time also. Media can change our thoughts. By media we could be tensed.
 We have to be balanced in playing and be serious .we have to be serious when its time to be serious and its time to play on computer.
Armaan,6 A


        Media is a source of communication. The mass media, including TV, radio, newspapers play a very important role in our modern life. They have changed our life very much. In my opinion, they gave us ideas to take decision. First, the mass media affects people by boards, banner, and advertisement. Media refers to mass media such as broadcast media, print media and the web media. Television and radio are considered broadcast media while newspapers, magazines and journals are known as print media and internet news, the web media. The media is an important source of information through its news we get alert, entertain our self.
 Advantages of media are:-
             Media can be used for promotions of products and services, e.g. news paper, TV advertisements, radio announcements. Can be used as a means of communication. Can be a form of entertainment. The means in which globalization takes place. A means of informing people about events... From local to international to global. From media we can get any information that we want e.g. images, videos, blog, emails, etc…
  Disadvantages of media are:-
              Media can put any fake information about actor, actress, or any simple mans or ladies. From media we can get our eye affect by watching television 1 or 2 hour. Media can give wrong influences to others. From reading continue magazines (4 to 5) hours or buying new magazines daily we get loss of money. The radio Listeners cannot refer back to your advertisement to go over important points again. In yellow pages we get bad attracted to advertisements.                                                                             
               Media is a great wonder… Media plays a very important role in our day-to-day lives...  Without media life would be very difficult.. Media helps and upgrades us in a lot of ways ... It brings awareness in us ... So, by all these reasons media has a significant and an important role in our life …
Shaizan,6 A                                                                                                                                                         

Friday, 14 September 2012


Media is source of communication. There are many types of media such television, radio, yellow pages and many more.
Media helps us in many ways such as getting information about the world politics, governance and it can even improve our vocabulary. Media can help influence us in many ways such as advertisement, banners, and many more .newspapers are the ones which give us information about the weather and even entertainment. For me newspaper is a primary resource because it gets information from interview, surveys and reports.
Sometimes media can influence us in a negative way as well. It can change the positive opinion to a negative opinion of others.
The role of art, music and language in media is to show the qualities of the advertisement. I think that art, music and language are very important in our lives because without them no one will get influenced to get that product.
The impact of media in our lives is to know about the world and get attracted to the product. A person who has made the product will never show the negative points of the product because of the business. Business  plays a very big role in media as advertisement plays a huge role in media.
I like Newspaper because it can improve our reading skills and newspaper gives us almost everything that we want.

6 A


Media is a vast source of communication. It is also called as a mass source of communication. Media collects the information about the world and gives it to us. There are many types of media such as radio television internet and many more.
Media’s role is to entertain people and give the important news to them. Media is very important to us in our daily lives. Media help’s us to get information about the world; because of that information people can be secure. Internet is used to help us in our projects icy giving the information on the particular heading we want. Media has positive news and also negative news.
The media also shows us bad things and use foul language. That is not fair because if the small children listen bad things and foul languages they also start to tell that things. People are perplexed of that what to do with the negative news of media. The children are getting worst as they are being under negative Impact.
6 A


Media is also called mass communication. It is very big and having many categories. Media includes books, internet, The Yellow Pages, television and many more.
Media gives us advantages from its means of communication. Books give us knowledge about many different things. Internet tells us about what is happening in the world. The Yellow Pages give people phone numbers of the business men and tells people about new products. Television entertains people by shows and movies.
Media also has many disadvantages from causing eye problems. Kids see television and don’t read. They also read books but comics. They use internet but for playing games. These are the disadvantages caused by media. (Sometimes) Mothers see television and kids start playing games on internet.
Media is there and it’s also very useful. It helps me to know about my relatives how they are and also talk to them by mobiles and internet. It also helps me by showing the news what is happening in the whole world.
6 A

Impact of Media

Media is a great means of mass communication. Media helps people in all fields, at home, at school, in work in, play and other fields as well. The six different types of media are press, television, advertisements, films, the internet and radio.
Media helps us in our daily life to give us news and entertainment like programs on the television and info on the internet. Media can help anyone, rich or poor, young or old.
However media has disadvantages as well such as television films and everything related to screens can harm your eyes. Cellphones give out harmful radiations that can cause diseases. Sometimes there is an age limit to do something with media, these limits are there to protect children from any harm.
Therefore media should be handled with care and knowledge. People need to follow age restrictions as it is only for the safety. I like media but I always remember the rules of how to handle media. I have many favorite things on media such as on the television I like to watch crime patrol, crorepathi and others and in books I like the series of Diary of a Wimpy Kid , Alex Rider and Roald Dahl.
6 A


Media is a great wonder. It influences us in many ways such as adverts, cartoons, films and much more. It is also medium source of communication. It has advantages and disadvantages.
It helps us in many ways. It gives us information on the Internet, television, radio, and on many source of communication. It collects information from far away from the world and tells us on the time. Books are also the part of media. Books help us to give information and it helps us to improve our reading and writing skills.
It can also give us wrong information many times. It can also harm our health because if we see more and more of media sources we can get problem in our eyes. It can also affect our listening senses.
Art, music and languages are also the part of media. Art is used in media because if there no art there will no adverts and entertainment to watch any of the programme. Music can be used in adverts by jingle. Language can be used in media because the reporters goes to many states in which there are many different languages so if they know at least some of the languages they get information for us.
TV it can be useful and harmful for us because it can give us information and if we see more we will gets glasses.
Books it can give us information and it also have many books like fiction, non- fiction, facts, reference many more books. It helps us to improve our reading skills.
Media can help us. It is very useful for us. Books are our best friend forever and it is a great wonder. 
6 A

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Inquisitive 6thgraders of The Aga Khan academy Hyderabad

The 6th graders had a Skype session today in the Aga Khan academy Hyderabad. The 6th graders were talking to the students of the Gurukul Academy in Nepal. The students asked questions related to their unit of inquiry Media to the students in Nepal. The students of Nepal answered the questions and gave their perspective on Media in Nepal and its role. The session ended with students singing a song in Nepalese and our AKAH students singing a school assembly song for them. It was very interesting and informative session as the information collected was a primary resource and it was relevant and authentic .The impact of media on decision making of people is very high.

By: Zia Hemnani, Grade 6 A ,AKAH

Monday, 10 September 2012