Friday, 14 September 2012


Media is source of communication. There are many types of media such television, radio, yellow pages and many more.
Media helps us in many ways such as getting information about the world politics, governance and it can even improve our vocabulary. Media can help influence us in many ways such as advertisement, banners, and many more .newspapers are the ones which give us information about the weather and even entertainment. For me newspaper is a primary resource because it gets information from interview, surveys and reports.
Sometimes media can influence us in a negative way as well. It can change the positive opinion to a negative opinion of others.
The role of art, music and language in media is to show the qualities of the advertisement. I think that art, music and language are very important in our lives because without them no one will get influenced to get that product.
The impact of media in our lives is to know about the world and get attracted to the product. A person who has made the product will never show the negative points of the product because of the business. Business  plays a very big role in media as advertisement plays a huge role in media.
I like Newspaper because it can improve our reading skills and newspaper gives us almost everything that we want.

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