Friday, 14 September 2012


Media is a vast source of communication. It is also called as a mass source of communication. Media collects the information about the world and gives it to us. There are many types of media such as radio television internet and many more.
Media’s role is to entertain people and give the important news to them. Media is very important to us in our daily lives. Media help’s us to get information about the world; because of that information people can be secure. Internet is used to help us in our projects icy giving the information on the particular heading we want. Media has positive news and also negative news.
The media also shows us bad things and use foul language. That is not fair because if the small children listen bad things and foul languages they also start to tell that things. People are perplexed of that what to do with the negative news of media. The children are getting worst as they are being under negative Impact.
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