Sunday, 16 September 2012


Media is a very good source or medium of communication. There are several types of media such as the internet, television, computer and many more. Print was invented in the 15th century, after that recording and many sources were invented.
Media is a very important source that helps people communicate and it also entertains people. By these sources we get information about the things happened in the world and we also get news in the newspapers. We can get the primary resource by the audio and video in television. All the sources give us a lot of knowledge and information.
Media affects others ideas in many ways. Like the television gives as the primary information with audio and video, but sometimes it also affects others eyes and sometimes we also get some wrong information. The main reason behind this is, people are not using media properly so we are getting disadvantages. Media influences others ideas by the types of media and we should use it in a maximum value.
The internet and TV affects people’s eyes and our eyes could be damaged, but they both are a very good primary source. Instead of using web or TV , we could use newspapers because it doesn’t affects our eyes and it gives people a lot of news, but we cannot see the audio or video.
Yellow pages are pages that have information about business purpose. It tells us the cell number of any company. Mobile phones are very good sources as people can clicking photos, send messages, and chat with others and many more things.
Art, language and music are also involved in media as they’re very important. Art helps the public to be creative and tells to do the work more attractive. As you all know in posters and many equipments  art in been done. Music is a performance that is done with the tune in a beat. The performance should be done in a beat and it should be catchy. Language should be perfect as in all the types’ music, language and art is used.
Media impacts the decision making and it also impacts the opinions of people. Media is very important in our lives. If media did not exist we could do nothing and we could not be great thinkers, inquirers and knowledgeable. Media is a life for people.

Alisha surani
6th a

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