Friday, 14 September 2012


Media is also called mass communication. It is very big and having many categories. Media includes books, internet, The Yellow Pages, television and many more.
Media gives us advantages from its means of communication. Books give us knowledge about many different things. Internet tells us about what is happening in the world. The Yellow Pages give people phone numbers of the business men and tells people about new products. Television entertains people by shows and movies.
Media also has many disadvantages from causing eye problems. Kids see television and don’t read. They also read books but comics. They use internet but for playing games. These are the disadvantages caused by media. (Sometimes) Mothers see television and kids start playing games on internet.
Media is there and it’s also very useful. It helps me to know about my relatives how they are and also talk to them by mobiles and internet. It also helps me by showing the news what is happening in the whole world.
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