Friday, 14 September 2012


Media is a great wonder. It influences us in many ways such as adverts, cartoons, films and much more. It is also medium source of communication. It has advantages and disadvantages.
It helps us in many ways. It gives us information on the Internet, television, radio, and on many source of communication. It collects information from far away from the world and tells us on the time. Books are also the part of media. Books help us to give information and it helps us to improve our reading and writing skills.
It can also give us wrong information many times. It can also harm our health because if we see more and more of media sources we can get problem in our eyes. It can also affect our listening senses.
Art, music and languages are also the part of media. Art is used in media because if there no art there will no adverts and entertainment to watch any of the programme. Music can be used in adverts by jingle. Language can be used in media because the reporters goes to many states in which there are many different languages so if they know at least some of the languages they get information for us.
TV it can be useful and harmful for us because it can give us information and if we see more we will gets glasses.
Books it can give us information and it also have many books like fiction, non- fiction, facts, reference many more books. It helps us to improve our reading skills.
Media can help us. It is very useful for us. Books are our best friend forever and it is a great wonder. 
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