Sunday, 16 September 2012


MEDIA is also called as mass communication. Media helps us in many different ways. There are many types of media like: Internet, Bogging, you tube, newspaper, booklets, radio, TV. Media has negative and also positive influence. In every thing media is their. Many media uses electricity to work.

There are many advantages of media like if you don’t know how to do your homework so you can call to your friend and ask him about your homework. Media entertain us. If we are bored we can watch TV {television}, we could play games on computer. We could on radio and here songs.

1.     Internet: from it we can get unlimited information, and it gives us information on websites
2.   TV: help us to be entertained.
3.   Radio: help us to know about what is happening in our places/area, and it plays songs.
4.   Newspaper: help us to know about the world, and if we read newspaper so our vocabulary will also improve.
5.   Mobile phones: helps us to communicate with each other. 
Media influence us in negative ways also. It changes our way of thinking. Media can waste our time also. Media can change our thoughts. By media we could be tensed.
 We have to be balanced in playing and be serious .we have to be serious when its time to be serious and its time to play on computer.
Armaan,6 A

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